Its blend of herbs rich in antioxidants along with vitamin E and organic beeswax makes it excellent for dry and sensitive skin. This Cream softens and nourishes the skin. It contains Sweet Almond Oil which adds glow and moisturises the skin. Wheat Germ repairs the skin and keeps it soft and supple. Vitamin E protects the skin from UV rays and environmental damage. It is an antioxidant and a natural preservative.


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Kokum butter- Kokum Butter is one of the most hard and stable vegetable butters and is easily absorbed into the skin. Kokum Butter is composed of beneficial compounds that help to regenerate and nourish skin cells

Almond Oil- Almond oil from sweet almonds is the most nutritious, adds glow, deeply moisturizes

Vitamin E- Protects skin from UV rays and pollution, anti-oxidant and natural preservative

Shea Butter- Shea butter protects the skin from environmental damages. It has UVB protection which makes it a wonderful ingredient to be used for sun protection. Vitamin F acts as a protector and rejuvenator soothing rough dry or chapped skin

Avocado butter- Protects the skin from harmful UV rays, it hydrates the skin well. It contains many vitamins such as A,C and E.


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